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Twitter Cards for a Tumblr w/ Custom Domain

This morning I setup Twitter Cards for Very Stills, my image based Tumblr blog that’s running under its own custom domain. The process for doing so was a bit confusing so I’m detailing it here thinking it might help someone looking to do the same. [pic] The End of Summer, Drawn Across My Wall… Read more »

Instagram Lux – Matching Effects with Photoshop

Alright, I’ve been experimenting more with Lux. More than anything I’ve been attempting to match the effects of the feature. Without digging too deep, I saw that some people suggested that it was simply contrast and brightness adjustment that could be achieved with Photoshop curves or levels. Turns out this is only partly true…. Read more »

Instagram Lux – Exposure and Contrast Adjustment

This is part of my ongoing experimentation with Instagram. A couple posts ago I talked about Instagram filters which work for me on occasion, but really, not that frequently. This time around I’d like to highlight #Lux, the Instagram feature that adjusts the contrast and exposure of the image being processed. Here is an… Read more »

Wormhole Remix & Photoshop Touch

Chapter 2 in the ongoing series documenting work I’ve done sprouting from the appropriation of Creative Commons licensed images found on Flickr. First, the remix: The original, wormhole by clickykbd aka Ryan Gallagher: Remixing this image was exceptionally satisfying as it was one of the first times I’d used Photoshop Touch on the iPad…. Read more »

Remix en La Felguera

At the end of last year I produced a series of images that existed as edits, or remixes of Creative Commons licensed photos and illustrations found on Flickr. The licensing of the images specify the need for attribution, so it’s with this and a smattering of future posts, that I’ll document both the originals… Read more »

Do. Limitless Fabrication

This site, as with all the sites I build, will be under perpetual development. So the saying goes, “release early, release often.” Design aside — which on its own needs love — there are a few key bits of technology at work here. The site’s built on WordPress using the thoroughly stripped down Bones… Read more »

Limitless Reboot

It’s been more than a year since my last post to Limitless Pulse. I’m getting back on the wagon. Why did I drift off? I had been using the blog for several purposes. The primary role being an aggregator of things scattered across the web that caught my eye. As an aggregator I found… Read more »

Brian Eno – The Man Who Fell to Glitch

The above images were created by opening the movie, “Brian Eno, The Man Who Fell to Earth 1971-1977″ in VLC then, when paused, skipping about through the timeline. At some points the images resolved correctly, but in a lot of others the images got heavily distorted, creating the chunky artifacts you see above. The… Read more »


A telescope into the past and the future. The Wall timescope lets viewers experience their surroundings in different times and states. Using a combination of binocular optics and web cam, the timescope shows viewers the scene that lies before them as live web cam transmission – and it transports them through time by adding… Read more »

ATOM: Christopher Bauder + Robert Henke

The timing of my finding this work is great, as I’m starting to generate ideas for April’s Sound Noir 3 Year Anniversary. Because there’s no good place — screen — to project on at The Morgan, I’m again enlisting the balloons I used for the John Roberts / Norm Talley party in November of… Read more »