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Sound Noir – Hakim Murphy

I banged out this flyer really quickly the other night. Short on time, we weren’t able to do much collaboration or iteration, but we’re all pretty happy with it. Part of the reason we were short on time Tuesday night was due to my heading to Sac in the morning. I decided to travel… Read more »

Mister Sunday – Never Loose Your Coat Check Ticket

I was at the Spring edition of Mister Sunday last weekend. Decent party as usual. One note I wanted to share is the suggestion made at the coat check room: Take a picture of your ticket in case you loose it. Super simple and super smart.

Waiting…For You…

Super psyched for Sound Noir tomorrow night. Dance with me!

ATOM: Christopher Bauder + Robert Henke

The timing of my finding this work is great, as I’m starting to generate ideas for April’s Sound Noir 3 Year Anniversary. Because there’s no good place — screen — to project on at The Morgan, I’m again enlisting the balloons I used for the John Roberts / Norm Talley party in November of… Read more »

Sound Noir Flyer for 2011.09.24

By now you’ve likely seen the flyer for the upcoming Sound Noir party happening back at Cameo on Sept 24th. As I have with previous events and previous flyers, I’d like to elaborate a bit on how this last flyer took shape. Since reorganizing, we’ve been floating a bit in terms of the creative… Read more »

Sound Noir Podcast w/ Tim Sweeney

The latest edition of the Sound Noir Podcast is up and features the mix Tim Sweeney played for us on June 11th. We’re a bit sensitive when it comes to our podcast, as it’s so infrequently updated. This is changing as of Saturday as we’ve bought a digital recorder to grab the sets we… Read more »

Bjork’s Biophilia iPad App

To coincide with the September release of Bjork’s new album, Biophilia, a companion iOS app has been developed and launched. An umbrella app, presented as a galaxy that the viewer can fly throughout, is available in the App Store. Individual elements relate to individual tracks on the album and can be explored within the… Read more »